Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Campus Outreach

I never post a cause unless I truly believe in it, and this is as legit as they get. As some of you know, my brother, Andy, moved to Kentucky 3 years ago to go into student ministry with Campus Outreach at Georgetown College. Since he has begun his time there, he has seen numerous students put their faith in Jesus Christ. Not only has he witnessed students give their lives to Christ, but he and the others on staff with Campus Outreach actively teach those students how to go out into the world and be disciples.

This is my brother's job. His wife, Monica, takes care of - and home-schools - their 2 little girls, while waiting on the arrival of a little boy in October. This is a full-time job for him. He organizes events, leads students in Bible studies, goes out and witnesses to students, and does countless of other things for the Lord. He is also currently attending seminary school. However, the only "salary" that he receives is through the support of others. He completely and totally has to rely on the Lord to provide the funds for him to provide for his family. I am asking those who feel led to give to this ministry to please pray about it and consider tithing to this amazing cause. A once a month pledge would be incredibly appreciated, but a one-time gift is awesome too. No gift or pledge is too small.


As I said, I wouldn't ask anyone to contribute if I didn't feel it was a worthy cause. Please pray about and consider supporting my brother and his family so that he will be allowed to continue in this incredible ministry. If you feel led, please comment or message me. I'll tell you what to do next.

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